Chez Antoine Café

Chez Antoine is built upon the success stories of Belgian and French cafés and confectionery stores. It provides accessible and affordable high-quality food, coffee and confectionery products. In all, the establishment provides a complete and high-quality French and Belgian experience.
Drawing on the fine tradition of sincere European customer service, Chez Antoine happily offers comfort foods that are based upon time-honored recipes from the French and Belgian culinary worlds. It offers patrons the option of enjoying coffee, pastries, and desserts at Chez Antoine or browsing from a selection of Belgian and French confectionery products to take home, some of which are offered in the store exclusively in the United States.
The Café provides a completely sophisticated, yet casual and warm-hearted bakery and coffeehouse experience. As an affordable venture for patrons, it encourages them to return on many occasions – especially to enjoy seasonal celebrations.
Nous sommes ravis de vous recevoir!
We can’t wait to meet you!

Pizza Barbone

Pizza Barbone

2019 Cookie Stroll Recipe – 2nd Place

Pizza Barbone’s story began in the spring of 2010 when they hitched their mobile wood fired oven to the back of their catering van and set off from private party to public event to farmers market around Cape Cod and the Boston area making our delicious wood fired pizzas. From that very beginning we dreamed of one day opening a brick and mortar location for even more people to be able to enjoy Pizza Barbone. Now, with the summer of 2012, we are making that dream a reality with our first restaurant location in downtown Hyannis, MA.

Our restaurant has a very unique and special feature by way of its Stefano Ferrara wood fired oven. This oven is one of only twenty-two of its kind in the country and each one is handmade, custom, out of rock and ash from Mt. Vesuvius. All 6,000 pounds of oven sailed its way over from Naples, Italy right to our doorstep at 390 Main St. Its beautiful glass tile overlay shines almost as brightly as the 1000 degree wood burning flame in its interior!

Just as much care as we put in to the oven that we bake our pizzas in, we take with the ingredients that make our pizzas, salads and entrees.

All of Pizza Barbone’s dough is made with the high quality Caputo 00 (double zero) flour, as is widely used in Italy.  It truly does make a superior base for the many delicious pizza varieties produced from our oven!

Torino Restaurant and Bar

Torino Restaurant and Bar

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*Takes bookings
  *Walk-ins welcome
  *Good for groups or parties
  *Good for children
  *Table service
  *Outdoor seating
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