Five Year Plan:   DRAFT 9/24/13
Five Year Plan Feedback Meeting- October 4th at 8am at the Federated Church
Five Year Plan to be Voted on at Annual Meeting October 23rd at Embargo

 Past Accomplishments and Ongoing Priorities: 

1. Security

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Lobbied to bring in Police Station and secured a central location for station on Main Street
  • Also lobbied for the Main St. Task Force to solve crime issues behind the scenes
  • Worked with homeless social programs to reduce the impact on street; steady improvements have been noted

2a. Maintenance

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Cleaned sidewalks daily throughout the summers
  • Provided supplemental daily trash removal during the summer season
  • Remove graffiti
  • Supplemented snow removal at  crosswalks
  • Contracted with the Baybridge Clubhouse Clean Team for litter removal, weeding and gardening, painting, and use of the GumBuster machine
  • Worked closely with the DPW regarding services such as street sweeping, and trash pick-up
  • Provided maintenance services to BID’s members

2b. Beautification

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Maintain over 60 flower planters
  • Created landscape sites at Center Street , Old Colony, the Post Office and Sherman Square
  • Supply and put up seasonal street decorations
  • Removed debris and put up artwork on blighted buildings until renovations by owner are started
  • Lobbying for funds for renovation on Hyannis Public Library

3. Business Development

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Created F.O.O.D. District (Fabulous Owner Operated Dining) to market the 40+ restaurants, cafes and eateries on Main Street attracting new business
  • Assisted with the Arts & Culture District designation, which provides free publicity of the Main Street area and could be a source of funding in years to come for promotion
  • Helped Launch free shuttle service in partnership with the Town of Barnstable and the Regional Transportation Authority for the summer months
  • Raise $19,000 in annual grants for arts and culture initiatives in the Main Street area
  • 19 new tenants and businesses, 10 rehabilitation projects, 2 new mixed-use developments approved or under construction in 2012
  • Continually work with tenants, property owners and realtors to keep spaces occupied with appropriate tenants.
  • Advocated for the redevelopment of 500 block, Asa Bearse house and The Beech Tree properties

4a. Marketing Hyannis Main Street- Events

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Introduced The Long Table- a fine dining and wine tasting event and the Spring on Main Festival
  • TD Banknorth & Town of Barnstable Cool Jazz Nights series in July
  • The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Steel Band Rhythm Nights in July
  • Rockland Trust & Town of Barnstable Cool Jazz Nights in August
  • Safe Trick or Treat
  • Hyannis Village Christmas Stroll
  • The HMSBID also serves on and contributes to many other events such as the Farmers’ Market, the Father’s Day Car Show, July Fourth Parade and Celebration, and advocate for return of Cape Cod Maritime Festival.

4b. Marketing/Branding :

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Produced logo and continue branding on all sales materials, signage around town, ad campaigns
  • Organize member cooperative ad campaigns , radio and print
  • Public Relations work with print and electronic media
  • Launched Shop Local Campaign and F.O.O.D. District campaign
  • Maintain Website:, which has comprehensive directory of BID members, a calendar of events for the Hyannis area, advertises and details out seasonal and Christmas Stroll events. We have currently redesigned and updated our website to include more features and links to social networking sites and YouTube to serve as a better resource to visitors of Main Street.
  • Produced an active YouTube Main Street video
  • Maintain active Facebook page with 5,500+ members (and counting!)
  • Produce an ongoing map and directory for distribution at all visitors’ centers, hotels, Barnstable house rental welcome baskets and other locations on Main Street, throughout Cape Cod.

5. Capital Improvements

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Lobbied for continued road improvements from the Hyannis Youth & Community  Center to Main Street High School Road
  • Leveraged $370,000 worth of funding and oversaw the planning, design and installation of 56 new street lights.
  • Provided street banners for utility poles
  • Producing new signage at the corner of Sea and Main to invite pedestrians to visit Sherman Square boutiques and restaurants.
  • Creating Wayfinding Plan in collaboration with the Town of Barnstable to assist visitors in locating Main Street and once here, to assist pedestrians.
  • Installed new street and directional signs for Main Street
  • Constructed walkways from Main Street to public parking and restrooms-- West End walkway completed in 2001 and East End walkway completed in 2005.  Both projects were completed for at least a quarter of the market rate by leveraging free labor and grant opportunities.
  • Leveraged $2 million Public Works Economic Development Grant from Office of Transportation and Construction and Federal Highway Grant for the reconstruction of Main Street with new drainage, pedestrian friendly crosswalks, traffic calming features, wider sidewalks, street furniture and trees which was matched with $1.8 million from the Town of Barnstable.
  • Leveraged $96,000 for façade improvements for the Sturgis School
  • Participated in the CDAG application process, design and construction of $1 million Walkway to the Sea Project
  • Instrumental in the acquisition and un-development of the abandoned gas station at 725 Main Street
  • Installed and update informational kiosks at 12 sites on Main Street and the harbor with a map, events and other pertinent information.
  • Installed 45 security cameras and new lighting around parking lots
  • Created a WiFi Network along Main Street
  • Purchased a $10,000 GumBuster machine to clean gum stains off of sidewalks

6. Regulatory Issues and Government Relations

Accomplishments past 13 years and ongoing:

  • Currently working on a Parking Plan for the downtown
  • Working closely on The RTA and Armory properties redevelopment
  • Successfully campaigned to reverse the split tax rate
  • Lobbied the Town to increase sign allowance for businesses
  • Assist new merchants, businesses and developers through the regulatory process
  • Work with town officials on development or any issues related to BID members and merchants
  • Attend and advocate for members at regulatory board and commission meetings such as the Planning Board, ZBA, Historic, Health, Site Plan Review and Town Council meetings
  • Supported and assisted the Town of Barnstable with developing the first mixed use zoning ordinance for downtown
  • Developed ordinance to allow outdoor dining on sidewalks

One Year and Five Year Goals and Plans in Order of Priorities:


  • Goal: Continue to keep Main St. as a Barnstable Police Department priority zone.  Advocate for more direct patrolling
  • Goal: meet regularly with Town Council, Chief of Police;  support Hyannis Police Station and Main St. Task Force.
  • Goal: Continue to manage street people
  • Goal:  monthly meetings with strong Main St. Initiative Committee, targeting focus on consistent case worker presence
  • Goal:  implementing day services in downtown area
  • Goal:  initiate streetscape changes: motion lighting, no trespassing signage, Ambassador program


  • Goal: Continue to organize Federal Grant which increased in 2013/14 from $16,000 to $25,000 with CDBG Grant to run daily year round Clean Team program
  • Goal: apply for $25,000 next year
  • Goal: Maintain strong unified voice with  town partnership in services 
  • Goal: continuously be in touch with all DPW departments
  • Goal: Clean sidewalks of gum with use of GumBuster machine and power washer

2b. BEAUTIFICATION: One and five year plan and goals:

  • Goal: Add additional seasonal décor with new sail colors on lamps, more Christmas lights, trees
  • Goal: add hanging planters w/annuals
  • Goal: Improve existing sidewalk planters' health
  • Goal:  with new planting material and fertilizer and custom street watering system
  • Goal: Add special lighting, uplighting and cafe style lights to public spaces, alleys, parking lots
  • Goal:  make a plans with town councilors, town manager, growth management showcasing ideas 
  • Goal: Identify new gardening improvements projects
  • Goal:  weed lots and abandoned gardens and building lots

3a. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: One and five year plan and goals:

  • Goal: Continue to  encourage economic development to the downtown
  • Goal: Work closely with the Town to Participate in downtown Parking Plan, created a Main Street parking committee ,starting with "Welcome to Historic Main Street" Signage and big "P" parking signs,  Main Street Valet Parking, employee parking on Main, the public lot on Ocean Street
  • Goal:  streamline our signage plan, more wayfinding to public restrooms
  • Support new Pirate Museum, renovations of JFK Museum
  • Goal:  help bring all institutions together in support of new project
  • Participate in development of RTA Committee. Support and collaborate on marketing with new train service
  • Goal:  Strategy committee, help support marketing of new train and help beautify landscaped entrance to Main Street from depot, add map kiosk
  • Support development/streetscape improvements of the far East and West Ends of the street
  • Goal:  Added Welcome signs, advocate to town for east end and and Sherman Square (dangerous intersection) streetscape improvements, help with train/RTA
  • Work to assist in redevelopment of The Hibel Building
  • Goal:  support owner with redevelopment
  • Continue to promote the downtown as The FOOD District
  • Goal:  Promote Main Street Restaurant Group that supports interests
  • Lobby for events on the Village Green
  • Goal:  added sails along pathway to the sea, encouraging more lighting, proposed no smoking on benches, promote large events
  • Market Main Street Weddings and small Conferences
  • Goal:  added page to website and promote to local venues
  • Lobby for Conference Center and Performing Arts Center in the downtown
  • Goal:  continue to market Main Street todecision makers who would be involved in building center, also bring in smaller performances and meetings in the meantime.
  • Encourage food retail markets to locate downtown/residential
  • Goal:  reach out to existing markets/developers, encourage live downtown model


  • Open up Communication more to Members:
  • Goal:  The 5 Year Improvement Plan to be grassroots - members' own plan of work, enlarging newsletter
  • Improve storefront/street appeal:
  • Goal: Partner with Free Marketing and Window Display class series and advisory sessions to merchants
  • Strengthen camaraderie between members: with Main Street Mixers seasonally to bring street together, enhance merchant to merchant relationships, feature Main Street business owners on website


  • Marketing to a larger customer base
  • Goal: Develop new seasonal Spring and Fall Cultural events
  • New Spring Event
  • Goal: Analyze workable street festival idea
  • Enhance PR image of Main Street
  • Goal:  Continue and strengthen signature Long Table event ( w/FOOD District) (fundraiser for marketing), across the street banner
  • Goal: Continue to strengthen Christmas Stroll, help with July 4th Parade

4b. MARKETING/BRANDING: One and five year plan and goals:

  • Goal: Brand street to visitor and locals with PR, Advertising, Events (Long Table word of mouth), Signange
  • Goal: Weddings promotions with new web page, market to venues
  • Conference promotions- develop new web page, market to travel planners, Resort & CC, HYCC
  • Goal: Fashion/Design promotion by developing branding that includes refinement, arts, fashion
  • Goal: Interior Design promotions by developing branding that brings together home décor, arts and gift shops


  • Goal: East End Streetscape, West End Streetscape- add new welcome signs, add landscape
  • Goal: Improve Christmas lights- add more tree lights and festive lighting, research banner across  Main STreet
  • Goal:  start examples of uplighting and bistro lighting
  • Work with town to improve Walkway to Sea by maybe adding more lighting, blue sails along the path, more art, add a fountain, dog receptacles, Big Belly solar compactors


  • Currently working with Town department heads and parking/signage committee on parking/signage Plans for the downtown
  • Help raise positive policies for downtown's future
  • Goal: Support policy and other organizations that enhance quality of life of surrounding neighborhoods/Civic Ordinances, HCA
  • Goal: Help make it more streamlined to do business downtown by encouraging more streamlined town boards to business interactions
  • Goal: Explore other ways to help business, e.g. open air dining, by meeting with Regulatory and BOH to discuss

Other Main Street BID Breakout Committees:

Main Street Merchant Marketing Committee
Main Street Spring Festival Committee/Fashion Show Committee
Main Street Restaurant Group
The Long Table Event Committee
The Christmas Stroll Committee
Main Street Beautification Committee
Main Street Parking Committee
Main Street Sign Committee

Last updated: October 18, 2016

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