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As someone who used to smoke cigarettes for the past 15 years I understand how hard it is to quit smoking. I have tried patches, gums, pills and even just simply chewing on toothpicks but nothing has worked and I was always left unsatisfied. It wasn’t until I purchased my first electronic cigarette back in May of 2013 that I was able to break away from cigarettes all together. Since then I have helped many of my friends and family members who want to quit smoking by offering them advice and suggestions on what to buy when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

The purpose of opening a vape shop in Barnstable is to help people who want to quit smoking but do not know where to start. Our shop can educate you about the new and rapidly growing vaping industry, and answer any questions you may have. We offer everything you need, from a simple kit for beginners who are just looking to test the waters, to more advanced electronic cigarettes for experienced users who are looking for new products and juices.

So if you’re curious about vaping, trying to learn about how to quit smoking, or just want to visit a new store in Hyannis, feel free to stop by!


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Cape Vape
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